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For over 100 years there are trade unions’ structures in oil and gas industry. Today ROGWU is the largest industrial union in our country. Activities of ROGWU aims to protect workers' rights in oil and gas industry at all stages of production; to compliance with labour contract and to provide the employee with all the necessary social and economic guarantees.
X Plenum of Russian Trade Union Council

Another Plenum of Russian Council of Trade Unions was held on 13 November 2014 and the host of it was the President of ROGWU Lev Mironov.

He also had a speech upon the main topic of the day ‘the actions of ROGWU in modern social-economic conditions’.

The work of the trade union forum was attended by the deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation M.V. Tarasenko, director of the Institute of Globalization Problems, M.G. Delyagin and Vice-President of the Norwegian trade union Industri Energi F. Alfheim.

Russian Trade Union Council approved the estimate of incomes and expenses of ROGWU for 2015, made additions to the Regulation on trade union representatives of the Russian Federation, to the Regulation on the technical labor inspection of Trade Union, approved delegates for the X congress of FNPR, and fixed the date and venue of the next VII Congress of the Trade Union and formed the Commission for its preparation. In addition, the Russian Trade Union Council agreed to the proposal on the Elimination of Dagestan republican organization of trade unions.

On the eve, on November 12, 2014, was held a regular meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Trade Union Council, chaired by the President of the Trade Union L.A.Mironov.

Presidium of Russian Trade Union Council approved work plan of the Russian Trade Union Council for the 1st half of 2015, summed up the contest of collective agreements and children health camps. There were also heard information reports on the experience of national organizations of Bashkortostan for the protection of professional, social, labor rights, interests of trade union members and on results of monitoring socio-economic situation of the organizations where trade union members work.

Before the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Trade Union Council there were held the meetings of the commission of the Russian Trade Union Council on amendments and additions to the Statute of the Trade Union, the meeting of Methodological Council of Trade Unions on training and retraining of trade union staff and assets of ROGWU, the meeting of the standing committees of the Russian Trade Union Council on the activities and the Youth Council of Trade Unions.

For all the issues discussed Russian Trade Union Council and its Presidium took the appropriate decrees.