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For over 100 years there are trade unions’ structures in oil and gas industry. Today ROGWU is the largest industrial union in our country. Activities of ROGWU aims to protect workers' rights in oil and gas industry at all stages of production; to compliance with labour contract and to provide the employee with all the necessary social and economic guarantees.
The New Level of Russian-Norwegian Cooperation

On 3 December in the conference hall of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation was held a joint Russian-Norwegian seminar upon the ‘The development of the regulatory framework on a labor safety during the exploration of the Arctic’s offshore fields‘. The seminar was organized by ROGWU, Norwegian Trade Union Industri Energi and NOROG, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Energy and the Institute of Professional skill improvement for the executives and experts of the fuel and energy industry.

More than 50 Russian and Norwegian specialists took part in the seminar, along with the representatives of the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Energy and Rostekhnadzor.

In his greeting Y.P. Sentyurin the state secretary, Deputy Minister of Energy underlined the importance of the Russian Norwegian collaboration intensification in the field of the regulatory framework development on a labor safety when working on the continental shelf of Russia and the willingness of the Ministry in the active participation in that work. In his greetings, V.A.Korjh, The director of the Department of Working conditions and Labor protection, on behalf of M.A. Topilin, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, also noted the importance of Russian-Norwegian collaboration in that field and pointed the readiness of the Ministry to be a part of the trade union’s work.

‘Norwegian party has a huge experience in offshore works while Russia has a serious practice in continental arctic zone. Altogether it can become a good platform for the problem resolution. And the fact that the collaboration takes place under the trade union flag fully complies with the established models of social partnership and helps to avoid the current political situation’ – said L.A.Mironov, the President of ROGWU in his speech.

During the seminar the experts of both sides talked about their approaches to the industrial safety and aimed to organize trainings and practice exchange by the end of February 2015 in Norway using the Norwegian safety standards.

‘We are very glad that in a short period of time we make giant leaps forward. We have not only came to a practical implementation but also brought the cooperation to a new level both in Russia and Norway.’ - summed up Frode Alfheim, the vice-president of Industri Energi .

Earlier, in September this year, the Norwegian delegation was in Russia with an official visit.