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For over 100 years there are trade unions’ structures in oil and gas industry. Today ROGWU is the largest industrial union in our country. Activities of ROGWU aims to protect workers' rights in oil and gas industry at all stages of production; to compliance with labour contract and to provide the employee with all the necessary social and economic guarantees.
IndustriALL Global Union 2nd Congress in Rio de Janeiro IndustriALL Global Union 2nd Congress in Rio de Janeiro

Last week was marked by IndustriALL Global Union 2nd Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More than 50 million workers were involved in the Congress procedure along with Aleksandr Korchagin and the ROGWU delegation.

On 5th of October IndustriALL affiliates elected new leadership. Ex President Berthold Huber delegated power to Jorg Hoffman, the President of IG Metal.

There were also 6 new Vice Presidents from IndustriALL regions Issa Aremu fom Nigeria, Tahar Berberi from Tunisia, Raul Enrique Mathiu from Argentina, Anders Ferbe from Sweden, Carol Landry from the USA nd Aihara Yasunobu from Japan.

Valter Sanches from Brazilian Metal Worker’s Union, where he was Secretary of International Relations, became new General Secretary of IndustriALL Global Union. Big gratitude and respect was paid to former President and founder of IndustriALL Berthold Huber and former General Secretary Jyrki Rayna from 2012.

Kemal Ozkan (Turkey), Atle Hoie (International Secretary of Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions) and Jenny Holdcroft (policy director of IndustriALL) were elected as Assistant General Secretaries.

By the end of the Congress a Political Resolution was signed which aim is to draw attention to political and economic inequalities of the world and stop precarious work.

Youth Activity took one of the main topics of the Congress as well. It was a public protest of youth with banners, songs, music and claims against low salaries, lack of decent workplaces and investment in Youth – as a future of the world. ROGWU delegations also took part in actions.