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For over 100 years there are trade unions’ structures in oil and gas industry. Today ROGWU is the largest industrial union in our country. Activities of ROGWU aims to protect workers' rights in oil and gas industry at all stages of production; to compliance with labour contract and to provide the employee with all the necessary social and economic guarantees.
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April 22, 2011 in Moscow at the head office of LUKOIL President of OAO LUKOIL V. Alekperov, General Secretary of ICEM M. Warda, chairman ROGWU L. Mironov and Chairman of ICTU of LUKOIL) G. Kiradiev held a joint meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues falling within the scope of the Global Agreement on cooperation between LUKOIL , ICEM, ROGWU, IATUO LUKOIL and the signing of a supplementary agreement. (Reference: Global Agreement with ICEM and ROGWU was signed in May 2004.

By signing this document, Lukoil reiterated his commitment to the principles of the UN Global Initiative, as well as basic principles in the workplace and the environment, enshrined in the UN Convention and the International Labour Organization.
ICEM - one of the oldest international organizations, which now comprises more than 20 million members of 472 industrial trade unions in 132 countries).

Manfred Warda said that during the entire period of cooperation, oil company that is still only one with such agreement in Russia and Eastern Europe, to conclude such an agreement is not allowed to question the compliance with all of their obligations. During the discussion, especially, the role of trade unions in working with groups of foreign companies LUKOIL. By signing a new global agreement, all four parties were assured that their mutual work in the current year will be built based on the joint experience gained since 2004 when it signed the first agreement.