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For over 100 years there are trade unions’ structures in oil and gas industry. Today ROGWU is the largest industrial union in our country. Activities of ROGWU aims to protect workers' rights in oil and gas industry at all stages of production; to compliance with labour contract and to provide the employee with all the necessary social and economic guarantees.
Youth Council of ROGWU in Norway Youth Council of ROGWU in Norway

Representatives of Youth Council of ROGWU on the basis of agreement between Industri Energi and ROGWU were invited to take part in the Youth committee in Norway. The main purpose of the visit was exchanging by working experience between young workers and trade unionists. The President of Industri Energi –Leif Sande told the delegates about activities of the union. The visit also included meetings with the young Norwegian politicians, technical inspectors. There was the workshop and discussion panel – the theme was further cooperation between youth councils of ROGWU and Industri Energi.